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    Is PVC mesh cloth the same as PVC laminated cloth?

      Is PVC mesh fabric the same as PVC laminated fabric? PVC mesh cloth is different from PVC laminated cloth. The PVC mesh fabric is three-layered, with two layers of PVC plastic and a layer of fabric in between; PVC laminated fabrics are generally two-layered, that is, a layer of PVC plastic and a layer of fabric.

      PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, or PVC in English for short. It is a polymer formed by the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer in peroxides, azo compounds and other initiators; or under the action of light and heat according to the free radical polymerization reaction mechanism. Vinyl chloride homopolymer and vinyl chloride copolymer are collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resin. The material is an amorphous material. In actual use, PVC materials often add stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, pigments, impact agents and other additives.