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    What is pvc mesh cloth? How many years can PVC mesh cloth be used?

      What is pvc mesh cloth? How many years can PVC mesh cloth be used? PVC mesh cloth is a product made of transparent PVC film and mesh cloth. The mesh cloth in the middle can be clearly seen through the PVC film. It has a strong three-dimensional feeling and a moderately soft and hard hand. It is an environmentally friendly and low-toxic product. Made of all new materials, it can be used outdoors all year round for up to 3-5 years!

    PVC sandwich cloth performance:

          1. Excellent weather resistance and prolonged service life.

         2. Enhanced resistance to chemical corrosion;

         3. Has anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation properties;

         4. It has flame retardancy and fire safety;

          5. Excellent tensile, tear, and peel resistance.

          PVC sandwich mesh use:

          1. Decorative sun canopy, exhibition canopy;

         2. Membrane structure buildings and roofs of temporary buildings;

         3. Various car canopies, soft carriages and storage and transportation canopies;

         4. It is widely used for turning box auto parts and trolley canopy for light, rain and dust prevention.

         Through the introduction of the performance and use of PVC interlocking cloth, we not only know that PVC interlocking cloth has excellent performance, but also has diversified uses.